Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barney and Friends Show On PBS: The Window To The World

Kids in America watch PBS,
They learn ABC's from Sasame Street,
what I have enjoyed most
is Barney and Friends,
Barney is a big red dinosaur,
and his friends are a group of
kids, including black, white, Asian,
and Mexican, Parents may
join for a special cast,
B. J. and Baby Bop are adorable blast!

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I love you, you love me,
we are a happy family,
I like the opening song a lot...


Leslie Clinton said...

It is a remarkable experience to be able to discover this show via PBS,

best regards.

Taylor Boomer said...

Glad to see this,

it seems like a perfect fix for kids.

zongrik said...

children should not watch too much TV...they need human interaction

Tonya Harris said...

kids do need to watch some show.

of course, there is a limit.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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