Thursday, February 23, 2012

David J. Schmidly: A Texas Longhorn Trail Blazer

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Born December 20, 1943,
Levelland, Texas,
David J. Schmidly
is an accomplished zoologist
with degrees at Texas Tech University,
He got his Ph. D
University of Illinois,
Oklahoma State University
has been honored for his 17th
presidency from 2002 to 2007,
His major achievement at OSU
is the plan of Athletic Village,
What a genius!

Previous president of OSU has outstanding ability to attract fundings, see details via the link below..


Sarah Bush said...

this guy is definitely cool.

Grace Henry said...

this is fabulous,

OSU has been blessed for its attractions for football, fund raising, and academic achievements, David J. Schmidly is unusual in adding his grace there.

Taylor Boomer said...

a tough guy to know.

Aya Wilson said...

powerful presentation.

Glad to see it.


Elizena said...

Nice tribute to David J. Shmidly. Very well written. Be blessed.