Friday, March 30, 2012

Arkansas (Petit Jean)=Art+Amy+Beth+Cottage girl+Hope+Pamela+The Beaty+David King+Sheila+Moe

Petit Jean Mountain honors the
legend of Petit Jean, A French girl
who disguised as a boy,
accompanying her lover, to the
mountain of Arkansas. Jingle, Justin,
and Tom walked on trails that goes both
deep and high, with waterfalls
nearby, Tom carried his Mom's heavy bag
when she got exhausted by the long walk.

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Indiana=Inlinkz+Indie+InkSplodge+Jannie Funster+Diana+Bristo Palin

Indiana state sits next to Ohio, Kentucky,
Illinois, and Michigan, it is a special
state, To Jingleyanqui,
Indiana represents charm of an official
working at Bluebell Books Twitter Club
for almost a year, she always posts on time
and never complains, I add other artists
or organizations including,
InkSplodge, Jannie Funster, and Diana...

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

American Baby Magazine: Free and Fantastic for Future Parents...

Jingle Yanqui, Eight (8) Month Pregnant

Every mother cares about baby issues,
Jingle is NO exception...She was awarded
American Baby magazine by a friend at Princeton
as soon as she was pregnant, and enjoyed reading tips
from both experts and parents who had experiences.
Jingle submitted a hint to the magazine, it was used
in May, 1997, paid for $30.

Jen Schroeder wrote to Jingle to confirm her comment publishing at the magazine

 Image Credit: on American Baby editors and, Ji, Sheng, Tom,..

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stillwater Junior High: The Open Space That Allows Birds To Fly!

It's been a great incentive when Stillwater Junior High
directed Tom into 8th grade Boy's Track program,
Sheng's loved the school more than anything,
It is cool to see continued support shown to Tom
by school principal, school teachers, and supporting
professionals, including sports instructors.
Your encouragement means a lot to Tom,
Way to go!


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Friday, March 9, 2012

Jennifer Aniston: The Lady Purity

Regardless what happens to Jennifer in life,
She stays put and unaffected,
Losing Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie
has made her grow strong,
actually, got lots of romances
with other guys she deserves,
She is the lady of purity,
like the lotus flower,
she lives in a pond,
but graces the world like sprng air!

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Turning Point at High School

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High School during 1985-1986 is tough, 
no dating is allowed in China...
students face pressure 
and may not understand peer jealousy..
That kind of education system makes students news blind...
Jingle feels grateful for what the teacher did...

High school was stressful for students,
Jingle'd spent all of her time studying
subjects related materials, she didn't
realize the concept of jealousy
until this teacher brought a newspaper
to class, showed an article to students:
Jealousy can be understood and handled...
After that, Jingle stopped blaming herself
for being picked sometimes...
what helpful realization.