Sunday, March 25, 2012

American Baby Magazine: Free and Fantastic for Future Parents...

Jingle Yanqui, Eight (8) Month Pregnant

Every mother cares about baby issues,
Jingle is NO exception...She was awarded
American Baby magazine by a friend at Princeton
as soon as she was pregnant, and enjoyed reading tips
from both experts and parents who had experiences.
Jingle submitted a hint to the magazine, it was used
in May, 1997, paid for $30.

Jen Schroeder wrote to Jingle to confirm her comment publishing at the magazine

 Image Credit: on American Baby editors and, Ji, Sheng, Tom,..


Emma He Clinton said...

the magazine is free,

one shall check it out at children's hospital or clinic to get the subscription slip.

Happy Parenting.
Thanks for the fun, American Baby Magazine.

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

lovely news for parents and parents to be.