Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dallas Public Library: Keep Promoting Diversity and Making History...

 Science Museum at Witchta, kansas

Lee Zhang was Jiahong's Bejing University
roommate, and eventually, Zhang married
his high school sweetheart, Zhang came to
the U. S. for his Ph. D. in 1991,
According to Jiahong, Zhang and his wife
are living in Dallas, Texas, the wife works
at Dallas Public Library,
Jingle loved books and
valued work from all Liberians!

Tom's Bed

Sheng and Jingle, New York City Disney Store...

Image Credit:, on Kansas, Science Museums, Dallas Public Library, Texas, Tom..Sheng, Jiahong, Jingle or Ji...

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Emma He Clinton said...

amazing one.

connections made without knowing.