Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Villanelle for Mother's Day by dF

A villanelle for Mother's Day
Should take me just about an hour:
Writing it is child's play.
Because I know just what to say,
And rhyming's quite within my power,
To write it should be child's play.
Yet plain speech is not my way:
I look for leaves to shade my flower,
This villanelle for Mother's Day.
I do not wish to sound too fey,
Obscure, mystic, gushy, sour--
Arggh! Writing's never child's play!
Yes, childish! To my dismay,
Far beyond the allotted hour,
This villanelle for Mother's Day
Dawdles on. Let me just say
It plain: I love you, and so end our
Villanelle for Mother's Day.
(Well ... writing it
was child's play.)

Monday, May 7, 2012

France (Paris) = National Science Foundation +Grandpas + Frank +Paris Hilton + Alice+ Luisa Doraz+ Freddie+ Rachel Schapiro + Parsons + Baizi Zhang +Sarah

France is the largest European country
in terms of land area after Russia and Ukraine.
Nearly 20% of the territory of France
lies outside Europe. These regions
are known as "DOM-TOM"
French people cheek kiss to greet
each other between family and friends,
even between men. The number of kisses
varies according to the region.

Image Credit : on France...Paris...Europe..