Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Starting Swimming (for short story slam week 23)

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Washed by the summer rain,
Gems and grime are grounded,
Skirting the brook,
the road stretches,
touching clouds in the end,
In loud silence I murmur your name,
In blank nights I toy with somber thoughts,
Along the boomer lake hovers dewy wind,
Through the 17-hole bridge trickles some jingling water,
at the corner of our heads daydreams stir,
Via the voice of our words bitterish feelings surrender,
Morning glimmer at the different July orchards,
A day wakes, trouble free,
The roosting bird's singing is great.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Love of God (4 Short Story Slam and Humor Prompts)

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 Like a swing hanging,
quiet, active, to and fro,
Like a lover's sweet touches,
gentle, heartfelt, sincere and electric,
Rotates the planet earth,
Taxing, turning, expressing,
noiseless, persistent, and faithful,
Forever shines the Light of God.
As fragile lives that twitch,
eager, curious, and zestful,
comes the ones divine mother
cherishes the most, loves the best-
then when our weakness wretches,
via sins we feel distressed,
then it is God's great patience,
that guides us through troubled waters.