Monday, August 27, 2012

See Wolves Shake Up The Blue Sky

Wolf at waterfall of Heaven,

The wolves are assigned to
take charge of the weather,
For the Lord thinks that
they can handle the issues better.
The old wolf is called Stormy Clouds,
The young wolf is named Milky Way,
They are loosened in the chaos
of the stars and planets.
The stars are greedy and haunting,
The wolves are thirsty and windy,
Weather could shift unexpectedly,
Things in Heaven is not steady.
When heavy rain pours,
Figures on earth are ending their wars,
While rainbow decorates the sky under sunshine,
you find peace, hope, even fun.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Santa Fe Christmas For All & Santa Fe Chicken At Subway For U

Santa Fe Was dressed all in fur,
Red, shiny, from head to foot,
His white hair hangs still, not to stir,
with dusty ashes or soot.
Down from the chimney he slides,
Carrying a bundle of toys,
It's good that no others are in sights,
He's back to his sleigh after giving gifts to the boys.
He speaks not a word,
but goes straight back to work,
Santa Fe Chicken is sold at Subway,
His gifts to kids on the globe brighten our day.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Between John and Lori, Ted The Pet Bear!

There once was a boy named John fish-mas,
He was left alone by his peers,
so his parents bought him a teddy bear for Christmas,
Which turned out his best friend and cheers,
John married Lori With Ted in, how such moving one in tears.

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