Monday, August 27, 2012

See Wolves Shake Up The Blue Sky

Wolf at waterfall of Heaven,

The wolves are assigned to
take charge of the weather,
For the Lord thinks that
they can handle the issues better.
The old wolf is called Stormy Clouds,
The young wolf is named Milky Way,
They are loosened in the chaos
of the stars and planets.
The stars are greedy and haunting,
The wolves are thirsty and windy,
Weather could shift unexpectedly,
Things in Heaven is not steady.
When heavy rain pours,
Figures on earth are ending their wars,
While rainbow decorates the sky under sunshine,
you find peace, hope, even fun.


Rebecca Victorya Clinton said...

wolves are fun to think about at this point.

Iris Yacht Murphy said...

what a story and perspective.

Morton Monica Evans said...


The Poetry Palace said...

creative and fun verse.

The Poetry Palace said...

Thanks for being part of Thursday Poets Rally and hope to see you continued support …your input is valued…
We are giving you the perfect poet award for week 71 today, enjoy!
If you take it, please nominate another poet in your poem post, and leave your acceptance link under our award post, thank you in advance!
Happy End of August! Have A Grand September Ahead!
Looking forward to seeing you in the rally next time again!

Nefariousx said...

very cool poem. it had wonderful imagery, and a positive voice. Nice work

Justin Penter Wood said...

love this one.

masterful talent and splendid imagery.