Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Lust of My Soulful Dreams (Mini Fiction and Poetry)

chasing rainbow by Judy Underwood /

Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams

I care for my innocent soul,
Though I worship sadness as well,
I care not where my dreams go,
when bubbling rainbow refuses to dwell.
Up high I fly my childish dreams,
Gazing through days in wild eyes,
Smiling to believe how water runs down the streams,
until it joins ocean before it dies.
I cannot if my innocence plays a trick,
to me life is simply a game,
I see inspirations and imaginations thin and thick,
keep dreaming then the feeling is not the same.
i shall never close my eyes
and never fold my wondrous arms,
I will help if a friend cries
just because her dreams has done her harms!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sam and His Artistc Sensations (For Short Story Slam Week 27)

Sam is almost an artist working at Broadway at New York city,
His job is to collect the most updated information on paintings,
provide his boss the materials appealing to their clients, fans,
or visitors!

He has traveled to lots of places, including Chicago, Seattle, Austin,
Berlin, Rome, Paris, London, and more...the locations he has visited
have given him inspirations and sensations to fulfill his need...
It's eye opening to learn from other artists and get them exposed. He also visits bookstores, coffee shops, art museums, public libraries.

What keeps Sam inspired is his contacts with street arts, or folk arts,
some freelance painters are very wild or powerful, they refuse to dwell on history or repeat what others do, but on the lookout to
create stuff that is both beautiful and unique, aspiring arts blossom
carrying aromas scents and mild talents, only if one digs deep to be able to see the energy and value in their work.

Sam loves his job and how he can act ordinary to connect to arts,
he feels empowered to see new artists discovered and fresh talents shared...when he is free, he goes to beaches to watch sunset, and sail boats,
which helps him feel the openness and infinite possibility in creative products.

arts need knowledge, artists can echo traditional work or pedal out their own styles, everyone can be an artist, a write, a poet, a painter, a school teacher can be called an artist too...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Smiles of The Goat

Image credit;
The smiles of the goat is revealing
becayse "ba..." follows, he's explaining:
Nature and woods are of great pleasure,
for the joyous and productive time in such a measure!
Learning is remembering,
Remembering is loving,
Loving is believing,
and believing is living....