Monday, November 26, 2012

Among English Verbs By Kay Ryan

Among English verbs,
"to die" is oddest in its
eagerness to be "dead",
immodest in its
haste to be told-
a verb alchemical
in the head:
one speck of its gold
and a whole life's lead.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spring in Winter's Eyes


spring shrinks,
a solid dot on paper,
A sweet meal routed months ago.
Winter season has begun,
The air is thin with silver moon,
and cold touches of icy rain...
Tree leaves either turn yellow or brown,
they murmur and quit with a frown.
Benches are lonely at parks,
Sparrows sit on frosted wires,
Capturing the last autumn views.
We can expect snow outdoors,
and red stockings under Christmas trees
within weeks, by new year's eve,
Spring will be on the way to
knock doors, spring festivals are up,
new birth of hope, growth, and peace
will be sowed as earth turns dark
and sprouts of plants appear,
the magic of time,
the wish of the children...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Prayer for Permeability By Barbara Crooker!

Lord, infuse me with love, this day
as tea diffuses its flavor in water,
as tarragon leads its essense to vinegar,
as mint releases its sweetness in jelly,
as woodruff imparts its fragrance to wine,
as sunlight glazes winter clouds,
Lord, infuse me with your light.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I Feel Sorry for You!

I mean no harm to none,
I please those who support
without minding too much business of mine;
Don't force me to buy your sales,
unless I believe your innocence!
Look, if you wish to kill to complete your will,
Do it yourself,
Go to police department to report and accept the consequence of your act,
Don't try to convince your lover to do it,
He is smart enough not to behave "ignorant" the way you do.
You claim novel, decent, well deserved lady,
But never wish to contribute anything to the family,
Your true intention is not "love",
But destroy his original family to rise above...
As a highly educated individual,
I believe that you are near-sighted,
Your behavior appears almost the same as those who are illiterate,
How sad to see you poor image as a bad mouth,
who puffs harmful words to the man you 'love',
You judge me without credentials,
I feel very sorry to see you bring shame to your family name,
to the birth place you come from...
You are truly a third class citizen in my view...
what the hell for a goodness  me
to be tortured  and mistreated by your careless thoughts and negative actions ...
Life is short, my pen is smoking,
Type your dark words in your own mind only,
or maybe seek professional help...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Shallow Pool By T. L. W.

As one by the side of a pool,
who idles at ease
to dabble his feet in the shallows
discovers the cool
green-wavering surface rising
in sudden seas,
So am I caught by surprise and
immersed in these,
your delicate ankles arched,
your tender knees,
your expression unmoved,
your hands paused,
your eyes not blinded,
misty images
under the shy trees.