Monday, November 12, 2012

I Feel Sorry for You!

I mean no harm to none,
I please those who support
without minding too much business of mine;
Don't force me to buy your sales,
unless I believe your innocence!
Look, if you wish to kill to complete your will,
Do it yourself,
Go to police department to report and accept the consequence of your act,
Don't try to convince your lover to do it,
He is smart enough not to behave "ignorant" the way you do.
You claim novel, decent, well deserved lady,
But never wish to contribute anything to the family,
Your true intention is not "love",
But destroy his original family to rise above...
As a highly educated individual,
I believe that you are near-sighted,
Your behavior appears almost the same as those who are illiterate,
How sad to see you poor image as a bad mouth,
who puffs harmful words to the man you 'love',
You judge me without credentials,
I feel very sorry to see you bring shame to your family name,
to the birth place you come from...
You are truly a third class citizen in my view...
what the hell for a goodness  me
to be tortured  and mistreated by your careless thoughts and negative actions ...
Life is short, my pen is smoking,
Type your dark words in your own mind only,
or maybe seek professional help...


Rebecca Victoria Clinton said...

This refers to the woman


spends her entire time, sleeping with married man,
intending to "murder" the man's family members,
and presses hard to destroy an innocent woman, at all costs.

she is jobless, faceless, and shameless....

Monica Owenyap Evans said...

for a sad person, her destiny is

what her action leads.

it is good for her to wake up, and make changes to her life.

blaming others for her failures or stupid decisions is another way to show her silly nature.

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