Friday, December 28, 2012

Clues In A!

Looook around:
miracles everywhere,
in your hands,
on the back of your mind,
in the shadow behind you,
on the road ahead of you,
Loooook up,
the wind is singing,
Joy awaits.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Mother of God By William Butler Yeats

The three fold terror of love; a fallen flare
through the hollow of an ear;
Wings beating about the room;
The terror of all terrors that I bore
The Heavens in my womb.
Had I not found content among the snows
Every common woman knows,
Chimney corner, garden walk,
or Rocky cistern where we tread the clothes
and gather all the talk?
What is this flesh I purchased with my pains,
This fallen star my milk sustain,
This love that makes my heart's blood stop
or strikes a sudden chill into my bones
And bids my hair stand up?, Happy Birthday to Tom, Enjoy A Safe Trip Home, Sheng...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Song

Merry the red, the red sparkling lights,
See the green, the green below the snow,
And Zack the Jack, two brothers' ties.
And sled shall fly, in big furry snow,
Exhausted, the explorers shall return home,
and Zack the Jack, two boys' smiles.
Wonderous eyes, minds wonder,
Under red green lights, upon frozen mountain,
and Zack the Jack, follow love's guides.