Friday, December 13, 2013

The Imperfect Is Perfect

Here comes Spring,
I try to wring
From each inventive writing
To unveil treasures hidden
Or forgotten.
Too often,
I see imperfection
In all human relation.
Does it make sense
That in the longing
Lies the glory of intense feeling
Inside your silent body?
With the most invaluable magic
Ties not to satisfaction,
But to the engine that
Powers it,
The imperfect is perfect.
Writing is burning profession.
If the joy is not overlooked
and the audience gets hooked,
Then nothing shall be impacted
And sorted to a digression.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Anita Archer : a New Starry Girl Conductor of NCHO


Violin and Viola Instructor
Mesa, Arizona (Phoenix, Arizona Area)
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Anita Archer's Overview

  • Violin/Viola Instructor at Self-imployed
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma City University
105 connections

Anita Archer's Experience

Violin/Viola Instructor


Sole Proprietorship; Myself Only; Design industry
Currently holds this position

Mesa Public Schools

Mesa Public Schools

Educational Institution; 5001-10,000 employees; Education Management industry
August 1998May 2009 (10 years 10 months)

Orchestra Director

Norman Public Schools

August 1988July 1998 (10 years)

Anita Archer's Skills & Expertise

  1. Violinist
  2. Violist
  3. Orchestra Conducting
  4. Music Adjudicating
  5. Music Education
  6. Orchestral Music
  7. Singing
  8. Chamber Music
  9. Ensemble
  10. Studio Recording
  11. Band
  12. Violin
  13. Classical
  14. Music Theory

Anita Archer's Education

University of Oklahoma

Master's degree, Music Education

Activities and Societies: Sigma Alpha Iota

Oklahoma City University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Music

Activities and Societies: Sigma Alpha Iota

Anita Archer's Additional Information

American String Teachers' Association Crossfit
Groups and Associations:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Autumn...Will Never Be The Same by Joe Fazio


It was a cool, July, and it was dusk.
The gentle winds that blew,
brushed the Autumn of your hair.

And a mist, as like in Autumn, touch
your face, as I stood still.

I could not help but wonder, as in Autumn,
are the bees yet in their hive? Snuggled
closely, in their Autumn winter bed.?

An Autumn sun, hid behind the clouds above.
It knew not of this July, only of Autumn, in the air.
It knew of flowers drooping, their brightness,
now fading and curled. It knew of falling leaves,
and colors still so bright. A lone tree against a colored
sky, seemed naked in this July. With all of
this, and some to go, it must be Autumn...Autumn...
Autumn, for this I know.

What of the woman, with the hair of Autumn?
Her eyes of Autumn color and colored clothes
the same. It can not be July for
Autumn is abound.

Autumns every where. Circling sparrows in sky
above, swoop down, in hunt, for the final seeds
of Autumn. How could this be July,
or has the sparrows lost their way?

Surely, this is Autumn, for the chill is in they air.
And, isn't that an Autumn grass, below that
old oak tree? As the gentle Autumn winds,
carry silence for the day.

Now the mist of Autumn, are falling drops of rain.
No, not a shower in July, but an Autumn day,
now cast in gloom, against a steel gray sky.

Autumn, shall never be the same, since
that Autumn day in mid July.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Joint IEEE Comsoc – IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Workshop: The TV Screen In The Home10/05/2013 - 10/05/2013


Event: Joint IEEE Comsoc – IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Workshop: The TV Screen in the Home
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Location:  Locatelli Center, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara 95053
*** Registration rates for this event have been greatly reduced ***
*** Early Bird registration rate for this event ends Oct. 3rd.
*** Students and unemployed professionals admitted free of cost, but must register at the full-rate first and then seek refund onsite. 
*** Students must bring valid Student ID to venue.
*** A few participating companies are HIRING, so BRING your RESUME!
Session Abstract: 
In the age that is being dominated by new mobile devices, the anchor of the content consumption industry is still the Television. As the major device and biggest screen in your home, it is the most sought after territory for viewer audience, ownership and controlling content. This conference will review several of the key technologies associated with getting content up on that screen.
The program is separated into two halves - technology related to connectivity for the screen, and technology for content creation/distribution and quality of experience for the images on the screen.
The program is being led by two keynotes – (1) SMPTE on the new directions and standards for the HEVC (H.265) Codec and UltraHD (aka 4K tv), and (2) Harris Broadcast on the technology an requirements for managing second screen content as part of and in synchronization with standard broadcast.
Featuring live demos, talks and Keynotes on 4K Ultra HDTV!

Keynotes -
  • Peter Symes - Dir of Stds and Engineering, SMPTE on HD/4K and new CODEC
  • Harris Broadcast on Broadcast with 2nd screen
Speakers -
  • Jeff Gilbert, CTO, Silicon Image
  • Michail Tsatsanis, Ph.D, Director of Communication Systems at Entropic, IEEE Fellow
  • Tim Kelliher, Customer Solutions Architect, Movea
  • Tam Do, Product Marketing Manager for Switch Products, Pericom
  • Yuval Fisher, President & CEO, RGB Networks
  • Steve Holmes, Sr. Application Engineer, Tektronix
  • Danny Ljubisic, Director of Business Development, Bannister Lake Software
  • David Schwaderer, Industry Icon
Cost: Early Bird rate ends Sept 28th  Check website for details. 
More information and registration link is available here. Register now!
You do not need to be an IEEE member to attend.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pest-eating birds mean money for coffee growers, Stanford biologists find


Stanford Report, September 3, 2013 

Pest-eating birds mean money for coffee growers, Stanford biologists find

This is the first time scientists have assigned a monetary value to the pest-control benefits rainforest can provide to agriculture. Their study could provide the framework for pest management that helps both farmers and biodiversity.
By Bjorn Carey
Daniel Karp 

To quantify the benefit birds provide to coffee plantations, the researchers calculated bean yield of infected plants that were housed in bird-proof cages versus yield from infected plants open to beetle-eating birds.

In recent years, Stanford biologists have found that coffee growers in Costa Rica bolster bird biodiversity by leaving patches of their plantations as untouched rainforest.

The latest finding from these researchers suggests that the birds are returning the favor to farmers by eating an aggressive coffee bean pest, the borer beetle, thereby improving coffee bean yields by hundreds of dollars per hectare.

The study is the first to put a monetary value on the pest-control benefits rainforest can provide to agriculture, which the researchers hope can inform both farmers and conservationists.

"The benefits that we might get are huge," said Daniel Karp, a graduate student in biology and lead author of the study. "There's lots of unrealized value in these small patches of rainforest. This looks like a sustainable, win-win opportunity for pest management."

The researchers hope that the work will improve conservation efforts in heavily farmed areas by illustrating to farmers the financial benefits of leaving some land in its natural state, while also guiding governments toward the best conservation methods.

Worldwide scourge

By some accounts, coffee is the world's most economically profitable crop, and its harvest supports the livelihoods of some 100 million people globally. Coffee beans around the world, however, are threatened by the pervasive beetle.
Daniel Karp
The coffee berry borer beetle (Hypothenemus hampeii) is coffee's primary insect pest and is consumed by native birds.

To continue the read, check out this link below:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Tailor Copy Right @ or By Sarita Sue Thatcher

Untangle, unravel the fibers of fear;
Rewind them; reweave them;
Let cares what the hues in its thread?
One is no better because it's seen more.
God is the tailor; faith is his tool.
We, but the cloth,
If he doesn't show favor in colors,
How can we, each but one thread
from the fiber of man-
Tell me, how can we scoff?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Freedom To Seek Happy Moments

Covetous eyes,
Repulsed desires,
To make things better,
Portrait me in sheet of laughter;
Humor is the merriest destiny,
Permit me to be outrageously happy.

Friday, July 12, 2013

universe will not hand it over to you by © gautami tripathy


you need to escape from your solitude
let your shimmering emotions spill into the curb
let your steps direct you towards the yard
watch the thundering jets
the spewing hatred within yourself
needs to be dashed to the ground
let the rain wash it away
changing your status and stature
you can go and rest on that park bench
watch that door being knocked
you have to grab your due from the universe
no one else will be there for you 

"the patterns are not you yet you are the pattern
goodbye is so final but the universe decides for you"

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Song

Merry the red, the red sparkling lights,
See the green, the green below the snow,
And Zack the Jack, two brothers' ties.
And sled shall fly, in big furry snow,
Exhausted, the explorers shall return home,
and Zack the Jack, two boys' smiles.
  Wondrous eyes, minds wonder,
Under red green lights, upon frozen mountain,
and Zack the Jack, follow love's guides.