Saturday, January 19, 2013

For Steph By Wendy Rose: Plus Na Mei Hua or Cherry Blossom

i am not blind
i see your soul bulldozed
i see its edges becoming
more and more a
hard core of edges,
i see the free tears
begin to freeze
            feeling maybe hurried
            or inspected yet
            lazy tho' they know
            they've only reached a
breathing space &
must finish their
i see the gold-glitter coaldust
billow, hardening, on your
shoulders that sometimes forget
themselves & shake,
i see the chestnut blanket
hair, finest natural macrame,
lose track of itself
& let go
            streaming in pieces
            & tangled,
i see you counting your
blemishes, knowing the contradictions
of beauty
as the one who taught you the
resolutions has
beautiful himself all the way
to a tin-featured
            blowing kisses from an
            increasing distance., Cheery Blossom = Na Mei Hua, Festival =Ji or Qin Zhu

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maple The Wind Tree

 It's a fact: that maple ruined
the woods, it was meant to go.
Such trees seem born odd,
their branches stare at
the ripples in water,
ignoring watchful eyes of
nearby mountains,
winter tree leaves dress
in gold or silver,
cold like ex-lover's heart,
Thunder storms are memories
as icy air freezes the earth,
brushing spindly twigs
with restless forces.