Saturday, January 19, 2013

For Steph By Wendy Rose: Plus Na Mei Hua or Cherry Blossom

i am not blind
i see your soul bulldozed
i see its edges becoming
more and more a
hard core of edges,
i see the free tears
begin to freeze
            feeling maybe hurried
            or inspected yet
            lazy tho' they know
            they've only reached a
breathing space &
must finish their
i see the gold-glitter coaldust
billow, hardening, on your
shoulders that sometimes forget
themselves & shake,
i see the chestnut blanket
hair, finest natural macrame,
lose track of itself
& let go
            streaming in pieces
            & tangled,
i see you counting your
blemishes, knowing the contradictions
of beauty
as the one who taught you the
resolutions has
beautiful himself all the way
to a tin-featured
            blowing kisses from an
            increasing distance., Cheery Blossom = Na Mei Hua, Festival =Ji or Qin Zhu