Monday, January 6, 2014

The 18th Story by Janelle Morehart or Lemone YuanGisu


Looking down upon the world
That was so cruel and cold
I cannot bear its lies
Its smiling face
When behind that mask
Is pure horror
Im on the 18th story
Nearing the edge
Losing my grip
Just one more step
And I can fly
Then my troubles will be over
No more pain
No more promises broken
Or love lost
Im on the 18th story
I listen to the voices
Screaming in my brain
Too much
So little
I take my final step
And then I can fly

Im standing on the 18th story


Christy Jason-Pritchard Clinton said...

to be able to see far, we must climb higher and walk far.



Christy Jason-Pritchard Clinton said...

meiji=limit of beauty.