Sunday, April 13, 2014

Places, People, and Stars

                                                                        Annapolis | Zealand (New)
                                                                    Concord                Xiamen City
                                                                  Delhi                          Wilmington
                                                                Evanston                       Victory (Shengli)
                                                              Fort Worth                       United Airline
                                                               Georgia                          Tampa
                                                                Hanoi                           Seoul
                                                                 Indianapolis                Raleigh (Bob)
                                                                  Jefferson City           Qiqihar City
                                                                    Kuwait City           Penn Yan Village
                                                                      Lisbon               Oxford
                                                                         Montreal  |  North Bay
          Alex Clark Freedman | Zhu Lin
                                                        Barbara Bush                    Yangtze River
                                                       Catherine Brown                 Xu Jianying
                                                      Danica Patrick                        Wilson Amelia                                                                                          
                                                     Emily Ayshford                         Vuchic Boris
                                                    Freddie Paul                                United States of America
                                                     Guy Peterson                            Tom Lee Wu
                                                       Hannah Chung                       Sheng Wu  
                                                         Indie Rebecca                     Rachel Schapiro
                                                           Ji Yan                              Qu Huarong
                                                            Kyle Delaney                Phillip Messersmith
                                                              Larry Page                Olive Blecha-Wells        
                                                                Mike Duncan  |  Nathan Freeman        
Twinkle twinkle, evening star,
Beautifully decorating the space above,
Cars run, come and go,
Not many know how much you wish to forgive your foe,
Nightmares can bring tears to your face,
Only stars can spot your emotion and give your strength,
A star, a wish,
A prayer, a release.