Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy May 22 Birthday, Sheng T-H-E Wu!


Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Sheng Wu!

How time flies like naughty Ruth,
I'm afraid to face the truth:
Let me put it straight, please :)
I wish U a happy birthday & Bliss,
Hope that wisdom and joy remain...
since to me, you're mindful being!
Please have a beautiful time,
smiling and celebrating with your friends,
at somewhere you feel comfortable and tall.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happens After 40 by Palas Kumar Ray


Not very easy
to write a poem
only for adults
without sex.

Prompt is very clear.
too well I understand
what you want me to write.
But scrolling pages
ups and down

How wise
would it be to write
what I often think.
Thoughts which are
dangerously sexy.

In fact
They are much safe
Off ears and eyes.
I would have written
to you, to me
only after 40.

They are no secret
to you, to me.
Even if I don’t
write anything
on a piece of paper
if I ask you to imagine
your thoughts written
I’m very sure
you will relish
an erotic free verse.

If you ask me
and if I do the same
same pleasure I’ll
get reading my work.

But neither you nor I
shall write our thoughts
because we are
not old
not young
just above 40.

We know how to keep
safe distance
between fantasy
and bitter reality.

I shall not like
to keep any proof
what I think
what I thought.

© Palas Kumar Ray.All rights reserved.