Sunday, June 29, 2014

Untouchable © Terrie

On 6:26 a.m. March 28, 1993,
That's the moment you were born and my
life became complete.

Your tiny little hands, your perfect little toes,
Wondrous big eyes and "she's got your nose".

I held you so close, wrapped tightly to keep you warm,
I whispered, "You're untouchable right here in my arms."

I watched you run and play and write your name at 3,
I wiped every tear and kissed every knee.

I watched on your first day of school you were so nervous and unsure,
I whispered, "You're untouchable, Mommy's right outside the door."

Your life had many changes, decisions were made for you,
Although you tried to change them there was nothing you could do.

I watched you face a pain I thought was greater than you could bear,
Yet amazingly you looked at me and said, "Daddy's untouchable up there."

I watched you become a big sister and have a mother's heart in disguise,
I watched as your first love brought tears to your eyes.

I listened to you yell and complain about friends who were not true,
I saw you build real friendships like only you could do.

I watched you bloom into a daughter, a woman and a friend,
I watched us grow a bond that's "untouchable" till the end.

Greatest of all these things, I watched you meet God,
Now you are truly "untouchable" because of His love.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Illinois Senators

Illinois General Assembly

  Live Audio/Video  

Current Senate Members   98th General Assembly
Leadership Officers Senate Seating Chart  Democrats: 40   Republicans: 19
Senator Bills Committees District Party
Pamela J. AlthoffBillsCommittees32R
Jason A. BarickmanBillsCommittees53R
Jennifer Bertino-TarrantBillsCommittees49D
Daniel BissBillsCommittees9D
Tim BivinsBillsCommittees45R
William E. BradyBillsCommittees44R
Melinda BushBillsCommittees31D
James F. Clayborne, Jr.BillsCommittees57D
Jacqueline Y. CollinsBillsCommittees16D
Michael ConnellyBillsCommittees21R
John J. CullertonBillsCommittees6D
Thomas CullertonBillsCommittees23D
Bill CunninghamBillsCommittees18D
William DelgadoBillsCommittees2D
Kirk W. DillardBillsCommittees24R
Dan DuffyBillsCommittees26R
Gary ForbyBillsCommittees59D
Michael W. FrerichsBillsCommittees52D
William R. HaineBillsCommittees56D
Don HarmonBillsCommittees39D
Napoleon Harris, IIIBillsCommittees15D
Michael E. HastingsBillsCommittees19D
Linda HolmesBillsCommittees42D
Mattie HunterBillsCommittees3D
Toi W. HutchinsonBillsCommittees40D
Mike JacobsBillsCommittees36D
Emil Jones, IIIBillsCommittees14D
David KoehlerBillsCommittees46D
Dan KotowskiBillsCommittees28D
Darin M. LaHoodBillsCommittees37R
Steven M. LandekBillsCommittees12D
Kimberly A. LightfordBillsCommittees4D
Terry LinkBillsCommittees30D
David S. LuechtefeldBillsCommittees58R
Andy ManarBillsCommittees48D
Iris Y. MartinezBillsCommittees20D
Wm. Sam McCannBillsCommittees50R
Kyle McCarterBillsCommittees54R
Karen McConnaughayBillsCommittees33R
Pat McGuireBillsCommittees43D
Julie A. MorrisonBillsCommittees29D
John G. MulroeBillsCommittees10D
Antonio MuñozBillsCommittees1D
Matt MurphyBillsCommittees27R
Michael NolandBillsCommittees22D
Jim OberweisBillsCommittees25R
Christine RadognoBillsCommittees41R
Kwame RaoulBillsCommittees13D
Sue RezinBillsCommittees38R
Dale A. RighterBillsCommittees55R
Chapin RoseBillsCommittees51R
Martin A. SandovalBillsCommittees11D
Ira I. SilversteinBillsCommittees8D
Steve StadelmanBillsCommittees34D
Heather A. SteansBillsCommittees7D
John M. SullivanBillsCommittees47D
Dave SyversonBillsCommittees35R
Donne E. TrotterBillsCommittees17D
Patricia Van PeltBillsCommittees5D
To view a report listing contact information for all active members, click here