Sunday, June 29, 2014

Untouchable © Terrie

On 6:26 a.m. March 28, 1993,
That's the moment you were born and my
life became complete.

Your tiny little hands, your perfect little toes,
Wondrous big eyes and "she's got your nose".

I held you so close, wrapped tightly to keep you warm,
I whispered, "You're untouchable right here in my arms."

I watched you run and play and write your name at 3,
I wiped every tear and kissed every knee.

I watched on your first day of school you were so nervous and unsure,
I whispered, "You're untouchable, Mommy's right outside the door."

Your life had many changes, decisions were made for you,
Although you tried to change them there was nothing you could do.

I watched you face a pain I thought was greater than you could bear,
Yet amazingly you looked at me and said, "Daddy's untouchable up there."

I watched you become a big sister and have a mother's heart in disguise,
I watched as your first love brought tears to your eyes.

I listened to you yell and complain about friends who were not true,
I saw you build real friendships like only you could do.

I watched you bloom into a daughter, a woman and a friend,
I watched us grow a bond that's "untouchable" till the end.

Greatest of all these things, I watched you meet God,
Now you are truly "untouchable" because of His love.


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Christy Jason-Pritchard Clinton said...

we all grow up with lessons and emotional scars.