Friday, May 22, 2015

Lust of Us

I care for my innocent soul,
Though I worship sadness as well,
I care not where my dreams go,
when bubbling rainbow refuses to dwell.

Up high I fly my childish dreams,
Gazing through days in wild eyes,
Smiling to believe how water runs down the streams,
until it joins ocean before it dies.

I cannot if my innocence plays a trick,
to me life is simply a game,
I see inspirations and imaginations thin and thick,
keep dreaming then the feeling is not the same.

i shall never close my eyes
and never fold my wondrous arms,
I will help if a friend cries
just because her dreams has done her harms! 

Happy Birthday, Mountain view,
Happy Birthday Boone Pickens,
Happy Birthday, Richard Huang,
Happy Birthday, May Birds!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Ray Smith & Steve Mathis

when it comes to inner peace,
Schools play a major role of course,
Check out Wellston High and Gordon Cooper tech,
Also take a look at Stroud High school honor roll of 2015.
As Ray Smith and Steve Mathis insured,
or Dave Spiva and Liz Golliver write,
Church, School, Education, Sports does appear helpful,
A wedding between Shelby Lynne Mattheyer
 and Bryan Jeffrey Goodnight also does wonders.
David Ball does his share by supporting Justice,
Inspiration Hill promotes peace by Gospel concert,
Dana, Jean, Loeber, Mathis, Ronnie, Kevin finds peace in their own newspaper,
Alicia, Alaina, Brittany, Jesse, Colton, Jason, Scott, Ed, Taylor, Caleb, Jaycee, Wade,
and O'Neil wins peace by their innocent smiles as Salutatoriants.
We continue to find Chandler to adore--
because Taylor Swift, Taylor Brownlee, Meredith Hamilton, Metta Burgess, 
Tracy Maria Avers, Andy Johnson, Lynita Johnson, and Brent Brownlee have been
ranked top four in senior high school.