Friday, May 22, 2015

Lust of Us

I care for my innocent soul,
Though I worship sadness as well,
I care not where my dreams go,
when bubbling rainbow refuses to dwell.

Up high I fly my childish dreams,
Gazing through days in wild eyes,
Smiling to believe how water runs down the streams,
until it joins ocean before it dies.

I cannot if my innocence plays a trick,
to me life is simply a game,
I see inspirations and imaginations thin and thick,
keep dreaming then the feeling is not the same.

i shall never close my eyes
and never fold my wondrous arms,
I will help if a friend cries
just because her dreams has done her harms! 

Happy Birthday, Mountain view,
Happy Birthday Boone Pickens,
Happy Birthday, Richard Huang,
Happy Birthday, May Birds!

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