Saturday, October 31, 2015

My option of payless shoes and my view on unexpected events

P is for Payless Shoes


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Unexpected Events and Halloween

the first shoe store at 53 street,
that's where Chicago bulls do their parade,
for July 4th independence,
and for Osco drug and payless shoes.

I wear loose saddles,
the color is of brown,
and the leather is soft,
the price is fair

my first running shoes are of Nike,
that's from Austin, or Waco, Texas shopping factory,
my second running shoes are of Asics,
that's from Famous footwear, Honolulu, Hawaii

payless, paypal, panda express,
those business brings us options,
the autumn is on fire,
the children who live in America love vampire

words glow under white house spiderweb,
hands form fists when a candy bar attracts a two year old cub,
orange favor, black eyes, green monster,
all roam the Pennsylvania and May streets.  

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Veins by Annapoetaspirant at Alpoetry

The darkness revolves, upturns, will evolve.
A riddle the horrors of sadness can`t solve,
A jagged mirror in the midnight`s  attic
That blunders sharp edges from eternal static.

Eternal, eternal, how puzzling a thought
Which renders the struggle of passion for naught.
Thus nothing pure lasts, succumbed to the restless
Nights of abandoned, dystopian weariness.

Weary, weary from thy bleeding heart obscure,
Drumming dreams about a present so unsure
That it pulses in thy veins, a bleak story of the old.
How can it become thy future, when the ending`s
                                                      almost told?

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 Short Story Slam Prompt 31: 17 days to A Spooky and Sheepish Halloween Night