Sunday, December 18, 2016

short story slam week 59, two sons from Su Youpeng and Cui Yingying

Su youpeng and Cui Yingying,
cousins from offspring from  Sea Lord Long Wang and princess Yifan Meng

when Long Wang and Yifan Meng decide to date,
they admire each other for courage and wisdom, they reside in Seattle and enjoy wind and rain

after twentry 22 years,
Princess Cui Yingying and prince Su Youpeng grow up, they reside at Chile, south america

a strong east wind blows,
President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden invited Cui Yingying and Su Youpeng to USA

so, they are given two fresh blood via Thomas Perez and Nancy Pelosi,
they have become parents, raising two lords

Long Wang  \\  Yifan Meng

Youpeng Su
Yingying Cui


Hong Su
Dongpo Su
Ri Su
Shi  Su
Yi Liu

redoing the programing, we believe that

Linda Watson ||  William Aslipungoe


Reobert Aslipungoe
Frankford     Aslipungoe
Gundson Aslipungoe
Daniel Alsipungoe
Jennifer Alsipungoe

everyone worries about what they can do to others,
we trust Barab Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump,
they shall enjoy all the new stars, the way we cherish morning sun

So, Robert Aslipungoe is about 5, Frankford 3, Gundson 1, and Daniel is fresh and only three
weeks old, we expect that one day, Linda Watson will have a daughter who is named

Jennifer Aslipungoe

we could not believe that human could be so incredible....

I believe that Linda and William shall look fordward, not looking back
good luck

Thursday, November 17, 2016

short story slam week 57, thanksgiving holiday gems

short story slam week 57, Ingalls, Janesville, Johnston, McDonald, Burger King, and Kentucky sentiments, we do value our fans from creative writing site

  Image result for Wharton 

Image result for kentucky 

Image result for kentucky 

Image result for kentucky

flashing light moments

in my mind mapping

in my deep desire

in my reach of hand

Kentucky Lexington and louisville

you rock the world with Extended stay America experience

Alan and Tiger
Tao Zhu and Julia Zhu, they woo New Jersey dog to Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

thanks to Marc Brown, Fred Rogers, and Yo Yo Ma,
we love Akiko suwanai and Elizabeth White, including Diane Chen, Sandy Wright, Lisa Storm

not to ignore Lang Lang, Meredith Blecha, Gayla Foster, Serta Wang,
Tom foster, Jesica Fan, Grace Lu, Tina Wu, Connie Liu, Emily Wang

Thursday, October 13, 2016

short story slam week 55, halloween, and signs, pink october

Pink October

  Image result for halloween at yahoo 
Image result for halloween at yahoo

reddit, reditter, redittest
pink, pinker, and pinkest

black, white, orange,
spider, angel, green

halloween night
spooky fright

sneaky hunting
witchishedwig candy bar time

stomach upset
tooth pain

night and day switch
ghost and human meet

that is a time of misty things
we let the dogs out for fresh air

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

short story slam week 54, another fame pond from nearby pond

Image result for saint louis presidential debates

Image result for saint louis presidential debates 
Image result for saint louis presidential debates

Image result for saint louis presidential debates

Image result for saint louis presidential debates
Image result for saint louis presidential debates 

Image result for abc news
Image result for abc news
Image result for cbs news

mary fallin
kimberly henry
todd lamb
christina fallin
trenton gibbons
g. t. bynum
robert LaFortune
Amam Lux
David Muir
Himany Rai
Henryetta Hillford
Gustav Klimt
Zhang Yutang
Ye Tong
chen Meiqi
Zhao Yazhi
Frank Sims
Scott Walker
Bruce Rauner
Matt Dunne
Terry McAuliffe
Christie Chris
Melania Trump
Marla Maples
Ivana Trump
Gary Johnson
jill Stein
Donald Trump
Mike Pence
Karen Pence
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Tim Kaine
Greg Abbott
Bobby Jindall
Dale Alspach
Nina Wiliams
William Jaco
Alan Noell
David Wright
Julia Martin
Jay Nixon
Stephen Wilson
Kathleen Wilson
Rachel Schapiro
Scott Pippen
Scott Jackson
Ji Yan
Yin Bing
Qun Yan
Morton Schapiro
Mimi Schapiro
Ann Hargis
Burns Hargis
Gina Noble
John Bartley
 Ju Ning
john Edwards
Sam Brownback
Jerry Brown
David Ward
Bob Young
Rick Scott Susan Martinez
Jeb Bush
Bill Haslam
Mark Wrighton
James Wrighton
Joe Biden
Sarah Palin
Jill Biden
Michelle Obama
Barack Obama
Simone Biles
laura bush
george bush
jenna bush
mark hager
chelsea clinton
asa hutchinson
Steve DiMeglio
Martin Truex
Matt Kenseth
Phil Mickelson
Tom Pelissero
Josh Peter
Kate Middleton
William and Harry from London
Bryan Alexander
Evan Rachel Wood
Ed Harper
Elsie Hughes
Anderson Cooper
Gloria Vanderbilt
Richard Wolf
Bart Jansen
Robert Zimmer
Susan Miller
Peter Constantin
Fan Feifei
Stan Wawrinka
Frank Wang
Xifan Liu
Chris Shrock
sue dick
Peng Huaibing
Hu Xuewen
Hu Xuefeng
Hu Guoliang
Chen Youju
Yan Fei
Yang Fei
Yang Zhiyuan
Yan Yongcui
Agencer France
Sarah Lee
Zheng Jinran
Wang Ying
Timothy Clancy
Zhao Yide
Zhao Jihong
May Yun
Jack Ma
robin Li
Huang Zhiling
Ma Yong
Amy Dacey
Paul Ryan
john McCain
Kelly Ayotte
Ye Jianying
Fan Jianping
Roger Yu
qian Yu
Lu xiaohua
matt krantz
john stumpf
chris woodyard
chandler vessels
john chamber
chuck roberts
walt disney
adam shell
larry shell
dana murphy
john lindsay

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Image result for helmerich and payne
Image result for helmerich and payne