Sunday, February 7, 2016

shadow in short stroy slam week 38: what is the flip side of brightness

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short story slam week 38, Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 21, 2016, Dreams Beyond Rainbow Sky

children are born brilliant
parents withhold their words, in term of the wisdom of ant

laws restrict behaviors
cranes sit, letting water waves drone some wondering geese

a girl who sells match
a sad story ignites huge emotion when it comes to humanity

thousands of pieces of tiles drop
broken arrows scatter crossed figures

bucks are raw dollars
which sees hiking horseman beyond Lu mountain

making believe is good
dark figures do shadow our image of others

seeing is believeing,
lamb chops sing music to expel unknown ramps
a monkey comes to satisfy curiosity
a rooster decides to walk under, without screaming

short summer shadows... 

Wordle 237