Thursday, March 31, 2016

short story slam week 41, on some basic mathmatical logic and analysis

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  Jill Ort

eigenvalues, eigenvectors, dot product, vectors, Curves,
we have fun with all these concepts
Carl Friedrich Gauss, Leonard Massiglia, Don Schlotman, Ji Yan,
Maxximages dot come,
Macmillan Company

Pearson education math textbooks,
Nelson education computer science texts,
Blaise Pascal-Pensees, Lewis Carroll, Carl Gustaw Jacobi, Charles Dodgson
Trent University, Richard Stration, Molly Taylor, Daniel Seibert, Shaylin Walsh
andrew Coppola, Jennifer Pursley Jones, Erica O'Connell, Maryanne Payumo

Fine hall, Washington road,
Williard Hall, Monroe Road,
Susan Miscio, Jill Ort, Diane Gibbons, Katie Huha, Douglas Shaw, Ron Solomon,
Ohio state university, Chaffey College, Frang Wang, Weiping Li, Dale Alspach,
Mo Tavakoli, Michael Prophet, Bruno Welfert,  Mark Brittenham, Marek Elzanowski

Arizona State university,
University of Nebraska
Portland state University,
Youngstown state university
Simon Fraser University

University of Florida
University of Manitoba
University of Connecticut,
University of Toledo
Morgan state university

Penn state university
George washington university
Dalhousie University,
university of california, los angeles
Oklahoma state University

Perrun-Frobenius theorem,
Markov Chains
Gerschgorin's disk theorem
Issai schur
peterson graph

Leslie graph
Alan Turing Gauss-Seidel,
Dan Kalman, Gram-Schmidt Process, Orthogonal, ortho-normal, Sarah Constantin,
Non-zero vectors, law of consines, law of sines,
Scott Kenney, Antoine Song, Jill LeClair, Shreyas Tikare, Yao Wang, Yang Xiu, Tao Li,

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Friday, March 11, 2016

short story slam week 40, the pearson brothers and Robert Zimmer

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Image result for uma by como bhutan              

Timothy Pearson, Thomas Pearson, Philip Pearson, and David Pearson
has made  The Pearson Institute and The Pearson Global Forum well
via University of Chicago magazine

good news from Midwest,
like the flow of Uma Como

Pearsons promote impactfukl, efforts via fact-driven, metric-based, and
analytical approach to indivisual performaces

childhood at Desmond Tutu, Mandel Hall,
they intend to influence people at large via peaceful avenues
Rob Squirs has his business involved,
so does PaRIS, Beijing, Delhi, and Hong Kong peers

those who makes a huge differences include
Kevin Murphy
Steven Durlauf,
Thomas Piketty
Kerwin Charles
James Heckman

many readers have fun looking at those powerful figures
who indeed stay on top of the flu, on education, healthy care,
and we see Will Pritchard, Matthew Barber, James Lopes, Ian Urbina,
Neil Guterman, Carrie Golus, Ruth Kott, and Ingrid Goncalves

the political debate is tense at Miami, Florida,
and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, they are active in performance proposed.

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Image result for pearson global forum