Thursday, February 25, 2016

short story slam week 40, travel to France, with open minds

Travel to France,
reside in Hotel Juana

The Saint Regis Aspen resort is far
King George at Athens has beers

Jpmorgan Chase credits
James Dimon, Aamon Burr

Bank of America, Merril Lynch
Amandeo Glannini, Brian Molythan

Capital One, McLean, VA
Richard Fairbank, Nigal Morris

Ally Bank, Midvale, UT, and BarClays,
Diane Morais, Jes Staley, Thomas Gould, John Freame

stretch our wings
fly north and then south

Blanket Bay
Glenorchy, New Zealand

The Nam Hai
Hoi An, Vistnam

Marrakech, Morocco

Montage Deer Valley
Park City, Utah

The St. REgis Rome, Italy,
pairs up with  Ulusaba Private Game Reserve at Sabi Sand Reserve, South Africa

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