Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Short Story Slam Week 52,

I is for irresistible  Fairy tales

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Yang Zi and Liu Guoping

 Image result for 天仙配  Zhang Ruyi

 Image result for 天仙配   Cao Yi director by Wu Jiayi

图片  Huang Yisheng and Li Bo

shadow walk... 

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Six Word Saturday 

Black or White, they all bright

Stories fail when the plot is full of unreachable elements
Green earth soak all water

Emily wishes to be  "YiDi Shui"
a drop of water is a small good thing for a thirsty bird

Katrina wishes to be Cherry Blossom
a pink petal, or "YiHua Ban" under "YiNa Mei" is weak, yet bursting into beauty with courage

despite coldness in Winter, hot waves in July, golden pumpkins in October,
all plants thrive and follow the season of changes

Yike Song is small, referring to  Huaiying, or Yingxin  trees,
Yidi Shui is tiny, referring to Cuiliu, or Willow trees

Alfred thinks of human complex, often sense the force of confusion and stress,
Being a strong man means growing pain and lots of tolerance, patience, and wisdom

a fair tale is irresistible,
because Zhang Xiaoping, Liu Guoping, Zhang Ruyi, Yang Zi, Huang Yisheng, perform

yet not to assume it is real,
it is artistic representation

Thanks to Cai Yi, Wu Jiayi, Li Bo, Wu Zuoyi, Yao Di, Ren Zhong, Zhen Yawen, Zhong Danli
movies or tv dramas hot by Tao Zeyi, Chen Xiaoyi, Li qiang, Yang Tongshu, Zhao Ziqi





always enjoy watching Song fairy tales,

Tian Xianpei is one of those remarkable drama

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