Thursday, November 17, 2016

short story slam week 57, thanksgiving holiday gems

short story slam week 57, Ingalls, Janesville, Johnston, McDonald, Burger King, and Kentucky sentiments, we do value our fans from creative writing site

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flashing light moments

in my mind mapping

in my deep desire

in my reach of hand

Kentucky Lexington and louisville

you rock the world with Extended stay America experience

Alan and Tiger
Tao Zhu and Julia Zhu, they woo New Jersey dog to Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

thanks to Marc Brown, Fred Rogers, and Yo Yo Ma,
we love Akiko suwanai and Elizabeth White, including Diane Chen, Sandy Wright, Lisa Storm

not to ignore Lang Lang, Meredith Blecha, Gayla Foster, Serta Wang,
Tom foster, Jesica Fan, Grace Lu, Tina Wu, Connie Liu, Emily Wang