Sunday, December 18, 2016

short story slam week 59, two sons from Su Youpeng and Cui Yingying

Su youpeng and Cui Yingying,
cousins from offspring from  Sea Lord Long Wang and princess Yifan Meng

when Long Wang and Yifan Meng decide to date,
they admire each other for courage and wisdom, they reside in Seattle and enjoy wind and rain

after twentry 22 years,
Princess Cui Yingying and prince Su Youpeng grow up, they reside at Chile, south america

a strong east wind blows,
President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden invited Cui Yingying and Su Youpeng to USA

so, they are given two fresh blood via Thomas Perez and Nancy Pelosi,
they have become parents, raising two lords

Long Wang  \\  Yifan Meng

Youpeng Su
Yingying Cui


Hong Su
Dongpo Su
Ri Su
Shi  Su
Yi Liu

redoing the programing, we believe that

Linda Watson ||  William Aslipungoe


Reobert Aslipungoe
Frankford     Aslipungoe
Gundson Aslipungoe
Daniel Alsipungoe
Jennifer Alsipungoe

everyone worries about what they can do to others,
we trust Barab Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump,
they shall enjoy all the new stars, the way we cherish morning sun

So, Robert Aslipungoe is about 5, Frankford 3, Gundson 1, and Daniel is fresh and only three
weeks old, we expect that one day, Linda Watson will have a daughter who is named

Jennifer Aslipungoe

we could not believe that human could be so incredible....

I believe that Linda and William shall look fordward, not looking back
good luck