Thursday, July 6, 2017

short story slam week 70, 71,

story of the week 71, july 6 to july 23, 2017 

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happy birthday to morton owen schapiro, 7/13/2017, from Rachel Guo

Image result for happy birthday, 7 / 13

Moscow mayor, Sergey Sobyanin
wishing Moerty a great july ahead

Image result for happy birthday, 7 / 13 
Image result for happy birthday, 7 / 13

greetings from Rukia  Mabee

Image result for happy birthday, 7 / 13 sweet greetings to Shell  Lankford

Image result for happy birthday, 7 / 13  lilyn crimson cheekawood and paisley dorothyfranw

Image result for alissa schapiro and her daughters 

Image result for alissa schapiro and her daughters  leslie bibbs

 Image result for alissa schapiro and her daughters  eric schmidt, larry page, and sergey brin

Image result for alissa schapiro and her daughters

hope that schpiro pippen
and alissa schapiro doing great
a movie role is important
a summer vacation is essential
good luck to mimi schapiro
and to matt schapiro, joy evelyn wilson
and best wishes to soctt pippen,
hohoho, happy birthday
to morton owen schapiro,
take good care.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

a to z in april, G is for Garfield, Golf player, Gabe Mugroofsz, and Gordon Perry

short story slam week 66, march 30, 2017-april, 30


Image result for garfield cat

Image result for golf player

Image result for gordon cooper

Image result for gabe newell
Gabe newell mugroofsz

Image result for gao er ji

gushi hui
story slam runs cold at ebay

xibei daxue
a john evans hot spot for the day

guigu and guge
some call them big cheese, we call them Dami and xiaomai

rice or wheat,
we are sharp enough to see them grow at Baoji field

Uwe gordon and haynie gordon
both know Guo Rong, Huang Xiaoshuai, and Gloria Ann Page from Google

Gao Li and Ji Jianli,
why do they talk about spoken language?

let's move on with Alan Eagle and Larry Page,
tell these folks to weave a basket of TechCrunch, or see Michael Arrington

lilyn and Aime,
all eyes focus on Garfield and rain praise to G. T. Bynum and anjali pichar

Monday, April 10, 2017

a to z in april, F is for Fort Sil, Facebook, and Fiji island

short story slam week 66, march 30, 2017-april, 30

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Frozen movie,

Image result for fiji island

Image result for fort sill  

Image result for florida 
Image result for facebook                       

a to z in april, E is for Epcot from Orlando, Florida, and Emily Quinn wisdom

short story slam week 66, march 30, 2017-april, 30


Image result for epcot from orlando, florida

Epcot, Orlando, Florida

Image result for elsa and anna  

 Image result for elsa and anna    

Image result for elsa and anna 
emily Quinn

a to z in april, d is for dell computer, Delta airline, and dallas fort worth airport

short story slam week 66, march 30, 2017-april, 30


Image result for dallas airport

 Image result for delta 
Image result for dell computer

a to z in april, c is for Cao Xueqing the fiction writer, and Cincinati

short story slam week 66, march 30, 2017-april, 30


 红楼梦 by 曹雪芹
the story of the stone by Cao Xueqing

who can count the sands from Heng River, poetry by Xu Zhimo     徐志摩


陆小曼, Lu Xiaoman, 


徐志摩(1897年1月15日—1931年11月19日),浙江海宁硖石人,现代诗人、散文家。原名章垿,字槱森,留学英国时改名志摩。曾经用过的笔名:南湖、诗哲、海谷、谷、大兵、云中鹤仙鹤、删我、心手、黄狗、谔谔等。徐志摩是新月派代表诗人新月诗社成员 。
1915年毕业于杭州一中,先后就读于上海沪江大学、天津北洋大学北京大学。 1918年赴美国克拉克大学学习银行学。十个月即告毕业,获学士学位,得一等荣誉奖。同年,转入纽约哥伦比亚大学的研究院,进经济系。[1]  1921年赴英国留学,入剑桥大学当特别生,研究政治经济学

   Hong Lumeng, or Stone Story by Cao Xueqing

a story is a trig

which leads one to another

a fiction is a drama

which makes life complex

Jia Yuchun, private teacher to Lin Daiyu

Jia Zhen, uncle to Xie Baochai, Lin Daiyu,

Jia Baoyu, a son to Jia Zhen,

they crush each other with family roots

and make a love story mind blowing

because a dream at red chamber is fancy

yet the background could fail a tie

our fate is fraigle

our love is weak

especially when the man often confuses his girl friend 

with wide arm kindness toward his clans,

which is sad

if Lin Daiyu did not understand Jia Baoyu

if Wang Xifeng or You Erjie did not mind true emotion enough

Cao Xueqing loves money and fame

yet he falls short when he gives true love a stain 

his character did not fulfill their dreams

but we learn from their stories

and knowing that

a marriage could be as simple as a single knot


a to z in april, B is for Bestbuy

short story slam week 66, march 30, 2017-april, 30 

Dell city Dick Pai
not knowing Sheila Why
but crafting words that fly
Boston Global news
BancFirst banking
Bice and Rice relation
Berry creek swimming lesson

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A is for Ants

Answers to an unique question
Anhui University physics lab
Ants Farm at Disney Movies
Augusta of Maine capital banking

Austin Hong Kong market dragon show
Annapolis Montuwa poetry books
Anna Chan news report
Annual NSF francis cordova friendship

Anthony Braxton of Brown technology
Amy Martindale with wang Jiuzhi clan
Ajumotts Zannotti poem feeds
Ann Hargis, Ann Halligan, Ann Mayer, Ann Obama, Anzhi Yan, Anne Wojcicki fame box

blogging a to z april assignments

Since this April has five Sundays, April 30 will be a posting day. The letter for each day is:

1 - A

3 - B
4 - C
5 - D
6 - E
7 - F
8 - G

10 - H
11 - I
12 - J
13 - K
14 - L
15 - M

17 - N
18 - O
19 - P
20 - Q
21 - R
22 - S

24 - T
25 - U
26 - V
27 - W
28 - X
29 - Y
30 - Z   

April first, A is for Ant
April 3rd, b is for Bush

this is one of the plan, you can do it without worrying about this

Thursday, March 2, 2017

short story slam week 63, 64,

Image result for march madness
Balane Jacob Hargis
she paints life dramatic
a basket
a basketball
a throw
a toss
a block
fingers stretch
arms reach up
eyes stare
breath fasten
we win
we lose
we wren and vent
we laugh and grin
a game is a day
a score is a remarkable record
which could set up flying
or send us crying

we treat games seriously
we also let the TRadscott playcourt run cold with tears of regrets and
cheers of practises
Chicago Bulls
years old lessons

Thursday, February 2, 2017

short story slam week 62,

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!
  Image result for firefox thunderbird 

Adventure of Indie Trojanwails and Cynthia Camarena via Firefox, 
Google, Facebook, and Yahoo
a fire is powerful,
but not without a match
a fire could be as weak as a candle light
only if the burns is small and harmless
a fire is a thing we hope
a fire is a way to see light
dark road needs moon light
scary moments need helpful aids
a fire is a woman who is lost
when a fire obtains audience
when a water cup is provided near
the fire finds its meanings
firestone is a place for car service
firefox is a web engineer we love to use
fireworks are beautiful display during holiday celebration
firecrackers are red and hot that make noise for happiness
lovely fire in you and me
we research fire between Indie Trojanwails and Cynthia Camarena
we worship the relation fire between profound friends
a fire is we need when a cold blow bruises our humble mind
 Image result for firefox thunderbird

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

short story slam week 61, tides and moonwise, thanks

tides and moonwise
people talks
baby stalks
boys and girls
boycotting childish poems
we sing chorus
and we worship cohen arts
and orchestra Nathan Greenwood,
and chase Stars
near Mars
Cars, Scars, Bruises, and Cruises
all ships cargo thoughts
from Dairy Cow
and all yachts carry Wilson Johnson KD Hurley
pleasant valley
beautiful fancy

regardless what James Merrian and CC Young say,
we place a fame on more supporters

Alexei Borodin
John Bush
Henry Cohn
Semyon Dyatiov
Victor Guitlemin
Richard Metrose
Isadore Singer
Gigtiota Staffilani
Michael Artin
Clark Barwick
Suzaane Berger
Ernst Berndt
Aime Wood
Rebecca Morris
Frank Wang
Nick Murphy
Leonid Kogan
Frank Levy
Andrew Lo
Anne McCants
Stewart Myers
Roberto Rigobon
Antoinette Schoar
Jiang Wang
Jean Tirole
Ji Yan
Pablo Azar
Aicha Ben Dhia
Stacy Carlson
Jane Choi
Tianjiao Dai
Hongkai Zhang
Nathan Zorzi
Ariel Zucker
Fan Meihua
Steadman Upham
Mary Fisher
Kosti Takala
Feng Shui E
Peng Houping
Peng Tao
John Firth
Masao Fukui
Ryan Hill
Anne Wojcicki
Susan Constantin
Peter Hull
Donghee Jo
Matt Lowe
Kevin Li
Pooya Molavi
SunYat Poon
Zhang Qi
Alan Olivi
Di (Harry) Pei
Bryan Perry
Otis Reid
Tom L. Wu
Yu Shi
Song Fei
Yixiang Sean Wang
Edmund Brown
Eric Garcetti
Gray Davis
John McAlister
Kevin Faulconer
Yafis Barlas
Florent Lacroix
Peng Xin
Yan Qing
Wang Xiaochun
Peng Liyuan
Xi Jingping
Stephen White
Kay Burns
Matthew Rhotens
Dewey Decathlon
Martha Rogers
Janice Thompson
Lake Mary, Florida
Nathan Morgan
Scott Bishop
Mark Park
Mark Wu
Frank Haynie
Ben Haynes
Gong Li
Chengdong Li
Jianguo Meng
Baoxia Zhen
Jianying Xu
Rusty Bailey
Jon Cryer
Bob Moore
Zhao Xin
Tu Jun
David Boren
Molly Shi
Edward Lee
Pat Quinn
John Stamos
Margy Lu
Matt Ross
David Quinn
Howie Deutch
Peter Wilson
Igor Barsukov
Vivek Aji
Alan Garber
Elena murphy
Jiamei Wu
Drew Gilpin Faust
L. Rafael Reif
Martin Schmidt
Alison Schmidt
Sophie Schmidt
Marty Walsh
Charlie Baker
Ivanka Trump
Huang Wenfan
Sun Honglan
wu Wenhui
Sam Liccardo
Michelle Overman
Abbey Wood
George Becker
Yanou Cui
Yongtao Cui
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Joseph Hendrickson
Sam Clancy
Mary Upham
Jing Shi
Ernest Ma
Owen Long
Jory Yarmoff
Jose Wudka
Kenneth Barish
Sheng Wu
Anne Wilson
Goodwin Knight
Earl Warren
Culber Olson
Frank Merriam
James Rolph
c. C. young
Friend Richardson
William Stephens
William Bus Jaco
Linda Jaco
Ann Hargis
Burns Alden Hargis
Mary Burns
George Deukmejian
Alan Harpeh
Connie Tavel
Vera Mihailovich
Charlie Sheen
Max Searle
Daisy Sheen
Michael Asher
Sundai Pichar
Anjali Pichar
Matt Pichar
Howaytat Asher
Sheikh Auda Abu
Barron Trump
Spence Trump
James Kushner
Marla Maples
Barry Hannak
Iris Johansen
Kevin Roper
Susan Hannah
antel Bud Varas
Eric Redhood
Charles Rue Woods
Maude Clay Schuyler
Bruce Newman
David Vogan
Gilbert Strang
Alan Edelman
Laurent Demanet
Erin McGrath
Daisy Cryer
Charlie Cryer
Dennis Porche
Alison Ulrich
Scott Jackson
Egan Peden
Maxwell Raymond
Lisa Storm
Ulysses Grant
William Sherman
Gabrielle Ceriales
Kimberli DeMayo
William Lawson
Linda Su
Linda Wilson
Patrice Macaluso
Li Tao
Zhou Tao
Wu hongping
Wu Huaqing
Peng Yuewan
Wang Min