Thursday, February 2, 2017

short story slam week 62,

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!
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Adventure of Indie Trojanwails and Cynthia Camarena via Firefox, 
Google, Facebook, and Yahoo
a fire is powerful,
but not without a match
a fire could be as weak as a candle light
only if the burns is small and harmless
a fire is a thing we hope
a fire is a way to see light
dark road needs moon light
scary moments need helpful aids
a fire is a woman who is lost
when a fire obtains audience
when a water cup is provided near
the fire finds its meanings
firestone is a place for car service
firefox is a web engineer we love to use
fireworks are beautiful display during holiday celebration
firecrackers are red and hot that make noise for happiness
lovely fire in you and me
we research fire between Indie Trojanwails and Cynthia Camarena
we worship the relation fire between profound friends
a fire is we need when a cold blow bruises our humble mind
 Image result for firefox thunderbird