Thursday, March 30, 2017

A is for Ants

Answers to an unique question
Anhui University physics lab
Ants Farm at Disney Movies
Augusta of Maine capital banking

Austin Hong Kong market dragon show
Annapolis Montuwa poetry books
Anna Chan news report
Annual NSF francis cordova friendship

Anthony Braxton of Brown technology
Amy Martindale with wang Jiuzhi clan
Ajumotts Zannotti poem feeds
Ann Hargis, Ann Halligan, Ann Mayer, Ann Obama, Anzhi Yan, Anne Wojcicki fame box

blogging a to z april assignments

Since this April has five Sundays, April 30 will be a posting day. The letter for each day is:

1 - A

3 - B
4 - C
5 - D
6 - E
7 - F
8 - G

10 - H
11 - I
12 - J
13 - K
14 - L
15 - M

17 - N
18 - O
19 - P
20 - Q
21 - R
22 - S

24 - T
25 - U
26 - V
27 - W
28 - X
29 - Y
30 - Z   

April first, A is for Ant
April 3rd, b is for Bush

this is one of the plan, you can do it without worrying about this

Thursday, March 2, 2017

short story slam week 63, 64,

Image result for march madness
Balane Jacob Hargis
she paints life dramatic
a basket
a basketball
a throw
a toss
a block
fingers stretch
arms reach up
eyes stare
breath fasten
we win
we lose
we wren and vent
we laugh and grin
a game is a day
a score is a remarkable record
which could set up flying
or send us crying

we treat games seriously
we also let the TRadscott playcourt run cold with tears of regrets and
cheers of practises
Chicago Bulls
years old lessons