Monday, April 10, 2017

a to z in april, c is for Cao Xueqing the fiction writer, and Cincinati

short story slam week 66, march 30, 2017-april, 30


 红楼梦 by 曹雪芹
the story of the stone by Cao Xueqing

who can count the sands from Heng River, poetry by Xu Zhimo     徐志摩


陆小曼, Lu Xiaoman, 


徐志摩(1897年1月15日—1931年11月19日),浙江海宁硖石人,现代诗人、散文家。原名章垿,字槱森,留学英国时改名志摩。曾经用过的笔名:南湖、诗哲、海谷、谷、大兵、云中鹤仙鹤、删我、心手、黄狗、谔谔等。徐志摩是新月派代表诗人新月诗社成员 。
1915年毕业于杭州一中,先后就读于上海沪江大学、天津北洋大学北京大学。 1918年赴美国克拉克大学学习银行学。十个月即告毕业,获学士学位,得一等荣誉奖。同年,转入纽约哥伦比亚大学的研究院,进经济系。[1]  1921年赴英国留学,入剑桥大学当特别生,研究政治经济学

   Hong Lumeng, or Stone Story by Cao Xueqing

a story is a trig

which leads one to another

a fiction is a drama

which makes life complex

Jia Yuchun, private teacher to Lin Daiyu

Jia Zhen, uncle to Xie Baochai, Lin Daiyu,

Jia Baoyu, a son to Jia Zhen,

they crush each other with family roots

and make a love story mind blowing

because a dream at red chamber is fancy

yet the background could fail a tie

our fate is fraigle

our love is weak

especially when the man often confuses his girl friend 

with wide arm kindness toward his clans,

which is sad

if Lin Daiyu did not understand Jia Baoyu

if Wang Xifeng or You Erjie did not mind true emotion enough

Cao Xueqing loves money and fame

yet he falls short when he gives true love a stain 

his character did not fulfill their dreams

but we learn from their stories

and knowing that

a marriage could be as simple as a single knot


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