Tuesday, June 13, 2017

a to z in april, G is for Garfield, Golf player, Gabe Mugroofsz, and Gordon Perry

short story slam week 66, march 30, 2017-april, 30


Image result for garfield cat

Image result for golf player

Image result for gordon cooper

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Gabe newell mugroofsz

Image result for gao er ji

gushi hui
story slam runs cold at ebay

xibei daxue
a john evans hot spot for the day

guigu and guge
some call them big cheese, we call them Dami and xiaomai

rice or wheat,
we are sharp enough to see them grow at Baoji field

Uwe gordon and haynie gordon
both know Guo Rong, Huang Xiaoshuai, and Gloria Ann Page from Google

Gao Li and Ji Jianli,
why do they talk about spoken language?

let's move on with Alan Eagle and Larry Page,
tell these folks to weave a basket of TechCrunch, or see Michael Arrington

lilyn and Aime,
all eyes focus on Garfield and rain praise to G. T. Bynum and anjali pichar